Well the title says most of it. We’re in Louisville, KY. Making a pitstop at a friends on our way to Springfield, MO and more climbing this morning.

Yesterday we spent the morning in the beautiful and huge Red River Gorge. We got to the gear shop around 9 a.m. bought the guidebooks and set out for what we believed would be a quick trip to the Indian Creek Crag. Oh how wrong we were. After two hours of confused backwoods driving, we finally found the “trail”head at noon. The hike up was heinous but the crack was splitter! However the adventure was not over. Watch the video to learn more.  DSC_0246 Seneca!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Red River Gorge

The day before we were in the New River Gorge of West Virginia. Maybe one of the most rad cragging areas. The approaches are short and the trails well maintained. The rock is awesomely textured and really fun to climb. We went  to climb splitter sandstone cracks, but it rained all both days. So we went to climb on the super steep roofs, where it was dry. So for two days of climbing we made it to the top of two climbs… not quite quantity but quality.

The opening of our adventure, we found ourselves in the breathtaking Seneca Rocks. One of Noah’s favorite climbing destinations thus far and definitely the coolest climbing (says Noah) on the East. It’s all multi-pitch trad, the rock takes a little getting used to. The friction, especially in the summer, is pretty poor, but the cracks are beautiful and all totally vertical. However we got into a bit of an adventure on the descent as well. The guidebook is really bad, and we had trouble finding the rappel stations. Only to find them and get a rope stuck. All in all a very rad day.

Well that’s all for today we gotta get back on the road. From Louisville (pronounced luhavul) to Springfied is 9 hours.